Tilting Spindles   
PANHANS Spindle Moulders with handwheel setting TYP 250-A with non tilting spindle or TYP 259-A with tilting spindle (-5 to 45 degrees).
These machines have a lot of extras in standard performance: an exchangeable spindle, turnable table insert, dial gauges in the handwheels and of course the heavy-duty and proven planed cast-iron table.

By the way: If you wish to use tools with different borings than 30 mm now and then, the machine may be equipped with quick spindle changing system HSK-80. In this case, the machine can be retooled by a new spindle with tool within less than one minute.

The Spindle Moulders PANHANS TYP 230 (non tilting spindle) and TYP 231 (tilting spindle) have got: 4 speeds, right-hand and left-hand rotation, direct start, the proven large and planed cast-iron table as well as a modern shaper fence.
The quick clamping nut of the cutter makes the work much easier, one needs only an Allan key instead of a huge fork wrench.

The CNC Spindle Moulder from PANHANS, with 15 HP motor and tilting spindle up to 45 degrees to both sides. Vertical setting of the spindle is 150 mm.
Basic performance of the machine includes the HSK quick changing system. The modern control unit is a two-axes positioning control unit or on demand a four-axes control unit. The spindle movement for vertical and tilting setting is unusually quick.

The Zeromaster calibrates the display for vertical setting when having fitted a new tool.



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