PANHANS is manufacturing thickness planing machines with 3 different planing widths:
TYP 435 with planing width of 510 mm
TYP 436 with planing width of 630 mm
TYP 428 with planing width of 800 mm

The big machine TYP 428 designed for carpentries and workshops processing wet and raw timber has got a sectioned infeed and steel outfeed roller.

The thickness table in planed cast-iron performance has got table rollers for facilitating the transport of twisted timbers.

The other two models don't have any table rollers and are equipped with rubber infeed and outfeed rollers of large diameter in standard performance. This due to the dry timbers which are mainly processed in workshops for interial furniture manufacturing.

The rubber rollers have a lot of positive features, furtheron they are fixed in a pendulous way.

Alternative knife-shafts and equipment are available as options.